Nairobi Safari Walk

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Nairobi safari walk offers the closest you can get to the wild. Imagine a fresh variety, in their natural environment viewed from a rooftop level….quite breathtaking! This is a walk transformed. Safari walk also brings most of Kenya to you.
Stop reading the informative signs, just observe and understand. Look out for birds, mammals, butterflies, incredible insect and over 150 species of indigenous Kenyan plants. From the boardwalk, gaze into Nairobi National park and leave with the visions and sounds of this special preserve of nature nestled in your heart.
Kenya has 6 ecosystems. At Safari walk visitors cross over wetlands, traverse the savannah and follow the trail to forested woodlands. Those willing to be away from everyday pollution and exhausting rush, a fresh breeze accompanied by music from birds with various insects is at Safari walk.
Have a face-to-face with our wildlife. Lion, rhino, cheetah, leopard, and crocodile among others. Other entertaining activities are held at Safari walk. Thus, see, hear and read as much as possible as you enjoy the beauty at Safari walk. It’s open daily all year round.