Meru National Park

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Enjoy a complete wilderness at Meru. It offers brilliantly painted on a magnificent scale, luxuriant jungle, coursing rivers, verdant swamp, khaki grasslands, gaunt termite cathedrals and an ever-evolving dance between clouds and sky.
The northern plains in the park boasts of elephant, lion, and cheetah. Also species of zebra, Grant’s and Thomson’s gazelle, impala, beisa Oryx, hartebeest and reticulated giraffe are also easily seen. Then Gerenuk, common eland, kirk’s dik-dik, warthog and lesser kudu are located in the southern plain.
Other wildlife includes baboons, leopard, buffalo, hippo, nile crocodile(common in the slower streams of the Tana river). Also there are colorful common river birds. Such as, ibis, heron, African fish eagle. Other birds are black-bellied sunbird, flock of glorious golden starlings and loudly honking groups of hornbills. The park is accessible all year round.