Lake Nakuru

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The bird watchers paradise is Lake Nakuru. It has millions of fuchsia-pink flamingo that flock to feed on the teeming algae of its alkaline waters. Moreover, it’s an ornithologist’s paradise, a rewarding game-viewing venue and a sanctuary for both black and white rhino.
It yields some of the most evocatively beautiful photo-images in Africa due to its pink-frosted shores and sky-mirrored waters. Lake Nakuru is famously known for flamingo. Its lesser flamingo population can reach to a pulsating pink mass of over 1.5 million birds. At times they may relocate to other Rift Valley lakes. Also greater flamingo visit but in smaller numbers.
The park hosts one of the largest black rhino concentrations in the country while substantial numbers of white rhino have also been introduced. 3 hours drive from the capital city Nairobi, the park is pleasurable to drive around due to its easy to follow topography, good roads and clear signposting. 2WD or air all year-round.