Safari Tours

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When you go to all the parks and reserves, sometimes there is a sense of confinement to the vehicle you are travelling in. Especially when there is a whole world out there to explore. Listed below are some of the options that you may consider. These alternatives to the normal safari are fun and exciting, and adds to your holiday adventure.

This is when you can truly witness the feline predators in action. Night safari gives you a perfect opportunity to see some of the rarest and shiest nocturnal animals. These include the extremely shy leopards as well as hyenas, anteaters, genet cats, African civets and more. The vehicles are equipped with night scopes instead of searchlights so as not to disturb the normal nocturnal behaviour of the animals. Lodges offering night safari includes: the Delamere lodge (Lake Elementaita), lodges in the Sweetwater Rhino Reserve and lodges located on the periphery of Maasai Mara Game Reserve.

If you want to enjoy and float in the endless blue sky of Africa, don't forget to try the balloon safari. As the sun is rising in the savannah, the balloon will soar up in the sky, slowly ascending to give you a bird's eye view of the magnificent savannah. You will most likely spot a wide variety of natural beauties, including lakes, rivers, hill and valleys as well as plenty of wildlife. As you descend back on to the ground, a champagne breakfast welcomes you. This is definitely an experience of a lifetime.

For all the horse lovers, there is no better choice of activity for you than an African horseback-riding safari. As you breath in the fresh air on the plains, you are most likely to be sharing your surroundings with zebras and giraffes. The lodges near Mt. Kenya and Lake Naivasha offer a variety of trail riding courses for the advanced riders, as well as much more gentle courses for the beginners.

An exciting camel safari in the arid northern parts of Kenya is a definite choice for the adventurous soul. The choices offer ranges from an one hour trail to a three or seven days caravan safari. The caravan safari is escorted by the local Samburu tribesmen. You will travel across the dry riverbeds, occasionally resting to enjoy a refreshing drink. The tent is set up for you before you reach each day's destination, giving you a prefect nest where you can save up the energy to continue onto the next day.

For those who want to enjoy their stay near the lakes, a boat safari is one of the ways to fully explore the surroundings. Take your time and relax on the boat and feel the tranquillity of the lake, but remember that there are hippos and crocodiles underwater

Experience adventure by walking on the African soil and being one with the wildlife in their surroundings. In a walking safari, an experienced ranger will escort you through the wild savannah, explaining to you all the wonders of the surrounding ecosystem

Who said there is no white-water rafting in Africa? In Kenya, white-water rafting safaris are offered on the Tana and Athi Rivers. Be ready for the thrilling adventure. Dense tropical jungles and rapid flowing white-water of Africa that will definitely get your adrenaline flowing.